Basic cooking skills course in English

This basic cook training is intended for adults who have been working for some time as an unqualified cook in a professional kitchen. Or adults who want to be retrained as a cook.

Entry Requirements

There are no admission requirements.

Description of the training

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you want to delve into the chef’s profession? Then a basic cook training might be something to pursue.

During this training you learn the basic techniques of the chef’s profession. In the training you will be busy with the preparation and preparation of dishes, preparation methods for soups and sauces, meat, fish and (cutting) techniques. You will know the difference between carving and blanching and between a Béchamel sauce and Hollandaise sauce. You know how to prepare the best dishes and which ingredients go together.

Working as a chef is very divers and you should always take into account the wishes and tastes of the guests. You also learn to keep the kitchen tidy and clean so that the dishes are prepared hygienically.


When you have completed the course with a pass, you will receive the official recognized MBO level 2 certificate “Cooking in the hospitality industry”. With this certificate you are qualified to work in a professional kitchen. For example, in a restaurant, hotel, café or care institution.

Start dates

New starting dates will follow shortly. The training last 17 weeks and starts twice per school year (only with sufficient registrations).


For more information about this training, please send an email to