Denim Developer (Flex-course)

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Will this profession suit you?

Are you a real ‘denim head’? Would you love to design and create a denim collection? Do you picture yourself as a future denim developer working in the Netherlands or abroad? This is your chance! Jean School is launching a flexible course to become a Denim Developer. We teach you everything you need to know about denim development from designing to sewing, cutting and washing. Upon completion of the course you can work for international denim brands. 

What will the course be like?

This is a flexible course. Which means the content is flexible. We take into account your high pace and your motivation. Together we will customize the course according to your current knowledge and skills. 

The course will be ‘colored blue’ and very hands on. Participants are trained to become professional Denim Developers: proficient in skills such as designing, cutting, sewing, stitching, washing jeans and making tech packs. These skills are taught with an emphasis on craftsmanship and sustainability across all steps in the production process ‘from crop to shop’.
The curriculum has been developed in close cooperation with HTNK Fashion recruitment & consultancy, global jeans brands and other experts from the industry. Big names in the denim industry support the initiative and actively participate in the program by providing guest lecturers and assignments. This ensures that you stay ahead of all of the latest trends, developments and technologies. You will regularly visit denim companies. An ideal way to build an impressive portfolio!

Are you an international student looking to attend this course in the Netherlands? Please visit for more information about the specific application requirements and costs of this course.
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What will you learn?

Denim introduction (the basics)
    Basics, Heritage & Brands
    Focus on: Yarns, Dyeing, Weaving, Fabrics
    Focus on: Basic skills in design

The Industry Cycle (how we make it)
    Focus on: Cutting, Sewing, Production
    Focus on: Laundry, Chemical wash,
    Design and Finishing
The Denim Business (How we sell it)
    Focus on: Branding & Marketing
    Focus on: Sourcing & Buying
    Examination: Design & Develop a collection
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Where will you be able to work?

•    You will be able to work in the department for product development of international denim brands.
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Praktische informatie

Practical Information

Have you successfully completed one of the courses below? Then you can register. We invite you for an interview and a test. This is also part of the admission procedure.
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  • Havo-certificate (higher general secondary education)
  • Highschool-diploma (voor internationale studenten)
  • Mbo-diploma van een soortgelijke opleiding op niveau 4
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  • Hbo - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI)
  • Hbo - Kunstacademie
  • Hbo - Technische Commerciële Textielkunde - Enschede
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  • You pay a tuition fee, the amount is determined by the Dutch Ministry of Education
  • Teaching materials, such as books, readers and other materials: € 550
  • Top-concept contribution: € 500
  • A laptop with Adobe Creative Cloud software in order to participate in this course
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De student en beroepsbeeld
Kwaliteit & Kansen

Kwaliteit & Kansen

Meer informatie over de kwaliteit van deze opleiding en de aansluiting op de arbeidsmarkt vind je op de website Studie in Cijfers van Stichting Samenwerking Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB).
  • Voor deze opleiding zijn bij SBB geen gegevens bekend


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