MBO College Airport (EN)



MBO College Airport MBO College Airport is the leading mbo (vocational education) training centre for working & learning at an airport in The Netherlands. Its location is also very near to Schiphol Airport, which is one of the most important airports in the world.

Airport studies
MBO College Airport has offered mbo studies (intermediate vocational education & training) for over 29 years for a range of professions at an airport. For example, Steward/Stewardess, Aircraft Maintenance Technicians and Airport Security Officers. Also Airport Logistics and various Airport Facilities Services studies at all four mbo-levels (BOL). Also for adults we have some airport related courses (BBL).

Travel & Hospitality
Besides airport related studies, MBO College Airport also offers courses for the tourist industry. Besides Dutch courses we also offer the bilingual course International Travel & Hospitality Management (level 4).

Airport Facility Services
New are the entry level-courses Airport Assistant (level 1), Facility Worker (level 2) and Facility Manager Airport (level 4). All three courses train a student to provide general services at an airport.

For students with international ambitions
Do you have international aspirations? Do you want to go abroad or work at an international company? Join us at MBO College Airport! If you like to know more, please call us at the ROCvA Information Centre: 0900 - 9599.

For Businesses

Interns for your organization
Is your company looking for interns? Is your company active in one of the activities mentioned above? Then please contact Head of Communications, Mrs. Nicky Schiphorst (n.schiphorst@rocva.nl). Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to be of service!

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