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Cursus Koken (Classic Basic Cooking Skills in English)

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Receive € 1000,- now via the STAP-study reimbursement grant. 
​The STAP-study reimbursement grant can be used when you sign up for this training course. With this scheme you can receive an annual reimbursement on the cost of your studies of up to € 1000,-. The subsidy can be used to follow an education course or training. Investing in your education and professional development will improve your chances of gaining employment by making you more appealing to potential employers. 
MBO College Centrum
Elandsstraat 175, Amsterdam
10 weeks
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dec 2023
apr 2024

About the course

Are you passionate about food and cooking and interested in becoming a creative professional in this field or simply wish to improve your culinary skills? Then this course is for you. The Basic Cooking Skills course is intended for adults who want to grow their confidence in the kitchen by building new skills and honing their culinary instincts. 


Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the basic practical knowledge you need to improve your culinary skills. The Basic Cooking Skills course is a hands-on practical class which is held in professionally equipped kitchens. During this course you will only come to our school on Monday evenings from 4.30 pm to 10.00 pm. The program lasts 10 weeks, so you come to school a total of 10 times, with no lessons during the school holidays.
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What do you learn?

This 10-week training course covers the basic principles of professional cookery. During the training you will become familiar with many different core culinary skills and basic cuisine preparations. In this course, you will learn correct knife handling techniques while you prepare a range of dishes using vegetables, meat and fish. You will gain an awareness of the principles of balancing and combining flavours as well as how to present dishes in an appetising way. This course will also give you the skills to work in a clean and efficient way; a solid grounding so that you can confidently create dishes in a professional manner.
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When you have completed the course, you will receive a ROCvA certificate as proof of participation. With this proof you can move on to the advanced cooking course. The advanced course is only available in the Dutch language.
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Praktische informatie

Praktische informatie

Costs: € 1399,- 

Particularities: you can pay for this course in two installments of € 699.50.
If you receive a STAP subsidy, you will only pay € 399.- for the course. You can then pay for the course in two installments of € 199.50.
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There are no entry requirements for this course. 
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How to request the STAP- reimbursement in 3 simple steps: 
Attention: complete a request for the subsidy as soon as possible to avoid missing out. Subsidies are limited.  
  1. Sign up for your education or training course and within 24 hours you will receive a STAP-registration certificate. You will need to use this certificate to sign up for the subsidy program. 
  2. Go to the website of the UWV and sign into the STAP-portal using your DigiD login. 
  3. Select your education or training course and upload your STAP-registration certificate. 
DONE! Within 4 weeks you will hear if your application has been accepted. 
» More information over the STAP-subsidy and the eligible STAP-courses.
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